Donor Wall

Thank you for your generous donation. We’re thrilled you’ll be a permanent part of our center with your name on our donor wall. Please find and click your name on the list below and then fill out this form to indicate approval or a change request.

Edits are easy to make at this stage, so this is your opportunity to change. This could include adding a spouse or partner name (e.g. "Jane Smith" becomes "Jane and Pat Smith" or "The Smith Family") or if you represent a business (e.g. "John Jones" can become "Iyengar Yoga Center of Atlanta".) 

This list is in alphabetical order by first name and is not necessarily representative of how the wall will be laid out.

Abigail Washburn

Al and Johan Hagaman

Alex Dalrymple

Amy Colton

Amy Lynch

Ana Van Gulick

Anice Doak

Anja Dangelo

Ann Curtis

Ann Eubank

Anna Lee Crenshaw

Anne and Arnie Malham

Annie Cicotte

Aretha McKinney

Barbara Futter

Barbara Jones

Barbara Layman

Barry Tashian

Bebe Evans

Becky Estes

Becky Estes

Ben Mosley

Beth Nelson

Betsy Reed

Birgit Cornelius

Brenda Post

Brian Nock

Britt Myszka

Cally Charping

Candy Burger and Dan Ashmead

Carol Garfield

Carol Rehder

Caroline Bauerschmidt

Carolyn Dever

Carla Johnson

Casey Arney

Cassie O'Sullivan

Cathy Jennings

Cathy Morgan

Caye David

Chris Clawson

Coke Sams

Connally Penley

Connie Gowen

Connie Long

Corey Chatis

Cynthia Jackson

Dalia Cabral

David Taylor

Dawn Helfand

Debbie Clapper

Dorian Hanna


Eileen Loper

Eli Nettles

Eli Ball

Emily Davidson Nemoy

Erin Baler

Francesca Muccini

Fred Kirchner

Gail and Allen Delger

Gary Jager

Gayathri Narasimham

George Kurita

Gil Fuqua

Ginny Caldwell

Gray Lunsford

Graybear Lodge

Gwynne Lundy

Hannah Plummer

Helena Blevins

Hilda McMackin

Holly Bruce

Holly Kostura

Holly Tashian

Ingrid Wuerth

Jaime Wolanski

James Christain

James D Graham

Jan Campbell

Janet Clough

Janie Daddario

Jeanne-Marie Derrick

Jennifer Aaron

Jennifer Chaffin

Jennifer Lightsey

Jerry Farmer

Jody Wilson

Joey King

Johan Hagaman

John Ferreri

John Heacock

John Sloop

Judy Orr

Julia Cole

K-Lea Gifford

Kathleen Judah

Kathryn Thompson

Kathy Brooks

Kathy Rogers

Keith Meacham

Kim and Jim Vroom

Kim Simpson

Kimberly Forrest

Kimi LaFever Hodge

Kourtney Kinzer

Kristen Keely-Dinger

LaDonna Bowers

Laura Copeland

Laura Huang

Laura Lee Dobie

Laura Losche

Leslie LaChance

Levi Self

Linda Cooper

Lindsay McNeal Ison

Lisa Haupert and Lee Jones

Lisa Peerman

Lloyd Hannon

Lori Neumann

Lynn Dunavant

Lynn Walker

Lynne Holliday

Mack DeLoache

Maggie Coyle

Maggie Monteverde

Manju Vachher

Marc Wozniak

Mari Beth Sartain

Marissa Harris

Mark Clayton

Mary Lou Durham

Mary McLennan

Mary Moore

Mary Schatz

Mary Thorstad

Mary Wixted

Matt and Laura McKinney

Melanie Moran

Meredith Mullins

Michael Sayles

Michelle Coyne

Michelle Griffith

Milind Borkar

Mohan Rao

Nancy Walker Willuhn

Nancy McKinney

Nancy Miller

Paige Seals

Pat Campbell

Patricia Walden

Peter Collins

Philip Woodlief

Popsi Narasimhan

Prakash Parameswaran

Rachel Barden

Rachel Mathenia

Ralph and Juli Mosley

Rebecca Simmons

Regine Schwarzmeier

Richard and Marna McKinney

Rob and Jenni Blackford

Robbin Robertson

Robert Zahn

Robin Cohen

Ross Kimberland

Sally Nordlund

Sam Cooper

Samantha Yeargin

Sandra Thurman

Sarah Bishop

Sarah Campbell

Sarah Johnston

Sarah Zika

Sheila Baldwin

Sidney Bennett

Stephanie McKelvy and Daphne Larkin

Stephen McClure

Steve and Tam Ebe

Susan Bell

Susan Donlevy

Susan Eslick

Susanne Bulington

Tamara Baxt Clemmons

Ted Noons

Tim and Nicole Delger

Tracy and Larry Pomeroy

Tracy Lujan

Vicky Bandy

Vivien Fryd

Weimao Li

Yoga LA

Yoga Shala Boulder