Junior I, II

Junior I, II Program Design

Thank you for your interest in our Iyengar Yoga teacher training program!  This weekend course of study is designed to do the following:

  • Refine your asana practice so that your teaching comes from your experience
  • Further your understanding of how to modify poses for common ailments and common needs such as pregnancy and menstruating students
  • Learning how to integrate students of various skill levels and abilities into your teaching so that the entire class is attended to and challenged
  • Continuing to refine practical teaching skills to make you a clear, confident and effective teacher
  • Expand your understanding of yoga philosophy through the study of classical yoga texts and Mr. Iyengar’s writings so it becomes an organic part of your life and teaching

Education and Mentorship

This individual weekend series is designed for candidates that currently have their Introductory or Junior 1 certificate and are considering pursuing their next level certification.  Students that are preparing for assessment are highly encouraged to continue their work with their recommending teacher and to utilize this training as a compliment to their existing studies.       


Taught by Intermediate Junior III certified teacher Aretha Blevins, the 2018 Iyengar Yoga teacher training program of study for Junior I, II is a wonderful opportunity to refine and advance your skills as a teacher to help make you a clear confident and effective teacher.   

Aretha is thrilled to serve the Tennessee and broader Southeast region offering this Junior Intermediate I,II teacher training for Iyengar Community! Aretha has assisted Jan Campbell's teacher training for many years and assisted Patricia Walden's two year teacher training program in Cambridge, MA. Aretha has been practicing Iyengar yoga for over two decades and has been teaching yoga since 2003. 


This application is open to certified Iyengar Yoga teachers at the Introductory and Junior I levels.  Please fill out the form below to inform Aretha about your background of study.

For questions regarding this application and your interest and eligibility, please contact: aretha@12Southyoga.com

Teacher Training Details and Requirements

  • Cost: $250 for each weekend
  • Dates for 2018: Friday-Saturday March 23-24 and June 15-16
  • Friday 12-6 and Saturday 10-6
  • Requirements: Students must be currently certified at the Introductory and/or Junior I level

Sign Up

If you're currently a student with Aretha and have received permission to sign up for the class, you may enroll and pay using the link below. 

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New Student? Please complete the form below

If you have not yet received approval from Aretha to join, in addition to your application below, all interested students are requested to send a letter from your current Iyengar Yoga teacher recommending you for the program. Please email that letter of recommendation within 24-hours of filling out your form to aretha@12Southyoga.com

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In addition to this application, all interested students must include a letter from your current Iyengar Yoga teacher recommending you for the program. Please send the recommendation via email to aretha@12Southyoga.com.